May 2021


Si mer nach ze retten?

Claude Faber, Roll Gelhausen, Francis Kirps, Christiane Kremer, Pierre Puth, Jay Schiltz

Nothing is as it was any more. We are no longer the same people we used to be. We will see this very clearly when at last everyone drops their mask. The question is now more than justified. Are we still to be saved?



Cie The Rat Pack Chinese Man

The Rat Pack Company created a Martin Scorsese-inspired universe set in a secret bar - a speakeasy. To the music of French electro masters Chinese Man, six artists perform breath-taking stunts and mesmerize the audience with their amazing body control.

Theatre Music


Mathieu Bauer Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil - CDN

More entertaining than a lecture, a little more scholarly than a film-concert, this play makes the spectator discover the creative universe of an imperishable reference of burlesque comedy: Buster Keaton.


Alex Lutz

Alex Lutz Tom Dingler

With a César for Best Actor and a Molière for humour, Alex Lutz returns to the Escher Theatre with a show faithful to his extravagance. A master of metamorphosis, the humorist has created a new, unusual and delirious one-man show.

Young audiences


Compagnie 3637

The earth is shaking, everything is disintegrating. A child is facing a blank canvas and starts to create a new world with black colour. Dancer and choreographer Bénédicte Mottart invites young and old to join her on this voyage of intimate discovery.

Dance Music

Sin permiso

Ana Morales

Ana Morales transforms the mourning of her father's death into a personal, virtuoso choreography that powerfully expresses the things left unsaid.

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Atelier flamenco

Learn the basics of flamenco with Ana Morales, winner of the Giraldillo Prize for the best dancer at the Sevilla Biennale.

Young audiences


Compagnie Laura Vital

A singer and a clown discover a sleeping dancer and manage to wake her up. From tango to alegria and tanguillo, the young audience discovers the many rhythms of Spanish and Latin American dance.

Jun 2021

Young audiences


La Compagnie du Grand Boube

It's autumn, and the mice have to make provision for the winter. They all work together, only Frederick does not. Instead of piling up seeds, maize, nuts and fruit in the hole in the wall, Frederick sits and dreams ...


Petit frère, la grande histoire Aznavour

Gaëtan Vassart Laure Roldán

We have all once heard or hummed the songs of the legendary Charles Aznavour, but perhaps we do not know the story of this man and the History with a capital H that forged him.


Sébastien Tellier

Francofolies Esch/Alzette

Personnage hors-norme du paysage électronique français, Sébastien Tellier revient avec son nouvel album Domesticated.


Feu! Chatterton

Francofolies Esch/Alzette

Inspiré par Bashung, Ferré ou Barbara, Feu! Chatterton s’exprime au mieux sur scène où il livre un véritable spectacle mis en scène qui convoque l’ambiance cabaret début du XXème matinée de romantisme.

Theatre Dance


Simone Mousset Lewys Holt

In cahoots with British performer Lewys Holt, the choreographer Simone Mousset revisits her 2017 piece BAL, an epic show about nation branding and the creation of national mythologies.

Young audiences

Eng Klassekandheet

Isabelle Bonillo Escher Theater

In a fictional classroom, children from different social backgrounds meet and spend their childhood in the same place, at the same time. And yet they come from very different worlds.