Jan 2021


Le Menteur

Pierre Corneille Julia Vidit

To find her place in the trendy world of selfies and likes, Dorante lies and invents a life for herself... Fluorescent trainers, strobes and a flash set: Julia Vidit and her multicultural troupe bring Corneille's baroque comedy up to date and offer a delightful immersion into appearances.


New Year's concert

Gast Waltzing, Morgane Ji Orchestre National de Jazz

Conductor Gast Waltzing starts the year with a musical trip around the world. The energy of electric banjo queen Morgane Ji meets the instrumentalists of the Orchestre National de Jazz.


Young audiences

Ding Dong, Toktoktok!

Dan Tanson Ensemble Traffik Klassik

Bartok and Pipp have only one wish: to finally start their fitness workout. But they keep getting interrupted by the weird noises coming from the other side of the neighbouring wall. They listen carefully. The weird noises are music, captivating music!





20 Joer Makadammen! Wow! Dat muss gefeiert ginn! Mir maachen ee Konveniat an do luede mir all eis “Avataren” vun deene leschte Joren an, a loossen en etlech flott Momenter Revue passéieren.


Les frontalières / Die Grenzgängerinnen

Sophie Langevin Escher Theater

Based on unpublished testimonies, this poignant show explores the daily life of French, Belgian, German and Luxembourg women who cross the borders of the Grand Duchy day after day. The border reality is revealed to us in all its human density.

Feb 2021




Tania de Montaigne Lucie Nicolas, Collectif F71


Theatre Music


Jacques Prévert Yolande Moreau, Christian Olivier

Yolande Moreau, actor, the famous temperamental member of the Les Deschiens family, and Christian Olivier, musician of the Têtes Raides, add their pinch of salt to Prévert's poems. She recites them, he sings them, and the encounter, with its irresistible humour, makes us rediscover them.



Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Staatstheater Mainz

After almost 250 years, Goethe's work has lost none of its relevance. Brit Bartkowiak brings the material from a distant past into the present: the search for a self-determined life, away from conventions and constraints, is more topical than ever.



Christian et François Ben Aïm

With their hilarious choreography, the Ben Aïm brothers take a fresh look at the absurdity of our everyday life. Could it be that it is precisely this lightness of humour that enables us to see our reality with new powers of imagination?

Theatre Music

Um Stamminee

Pir Kremer Claude Mangen

A tribute to the Luxembourgish author Pir Kremer: with his texts, songs and poems from the Stamminee and the Revue, part of the history of Luxembourg's popular entertainment is unearthed, analysed and made understandable from today's point of view.


Hannah Arendt auf der Bühne

Ania Michaelis Agora Theater

New York 4 December 1975, Hannah Arendt is working on her book The Life of the Mind. A little girl suddenly appears in her room and introduces herself as "a Hannah too". She wants to know from the old Hannah what she is doing there. Is she thinking up words?

Young audiences


Compagnie ACT2

Four people wake up in an unknown place completely covered in clothes. In this new environment the dancers move with humour and inventiveness, empathically inviting their audience to delve into this new world.

Mar 2021


La mère coupable

Beaumarchais Laurent Hatat, Thomas Piasecki

The Almavivas arrive in Paris. Bégearss, the family friend, manoeuvres to conquer Flora, the daughter, and with her the whole inheritance. But Figaro and Suzanne keep watch... Daring and humour set the tone for this explosive version of Beaumarchais' play!


The Great He-Goat

Cie Mossoux Bonté

The gates have accidentally closed and ten museum attendants are locked in the art exhibition for the night. But that's not all: the shadows of Goya's bleak paintings, which they watch over during the day, swallow them up.

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Dance workshop for parents and children

In connection with the show tock tock, choreographer Annick Pütz is giving a workshop for parents and children during which they are given playful guidance on how to start moving purposefully, engaging with rhythm and dance.

Young audiences

tock tock

Dan Tanson Annick Pütz

A dancer takes the audience on a journey to discover all the senses. On a playfully designed stage, she feels the materiality of the objects around her, brings them to life and handles them delicately.


Mozart à 2 / Beethoven 6

Malandain Ballet Biarritz

Renowned choreographer Thierry Malandain celebrates Beethoven's love of nature with – amazingly - twenty-two dancers on stage. Beethoven 6 draws on the powerful and suggestive music of the famous German composer. The touching extract from Mozart à 2 completes the evening.


There’s no business like…

Harmonie Municipale Esch/Alzette

A concert showing off the talents of the HMEsch & Orchestre des Jeunes! The Harmonie Municipale is delighted to present a concert promising lots of wonderful things, performed by its youth orchestra and featuring well-known pieces from a modern and classical repertoire.




Three white men in their fifties and straight, conscious of their status as 'dominant' but determined to explore their privileges, have met groups of 'dominated' individuals. And the upshot is a show with a spicy debate!


Séance académique des célébrations du 150e anniversaire

Harmonie Municipale Esch/Alzette

150 years ago, on 26 March 1871, the Harmonie Municipale d'Esch, the oldest musical society in the south of Luxembourg, was founded ...

May 2021


Si mer nach ze retten?

Claude Faber, Roll Gelhausen, Francis Kirps, Christiane Kremer, Pierre Puth, Jay Schiltz

Nothing is as it was any more. We are no longer the same people we used to be. We will see this very clearly when at last everyone drops their mask. The question is now more than justified. Are we still to be saved?



Cie The Rat Pack Chinese Man

The Rat Pack Company create a Martin Scorsese-inspired universe set in a secret bar - a speakeasy. To the music of French electro masters Chinese Man, six artists perform breath-taking stunts and mesmerize the audience with their amazing body control.

Theatre Music


Mathieu Bauer Nouveau Théâtre de Montreuil - CDN

More entertaining than a lecture, a little more scholarly than a film-concert, this play makes the spectator discover the creative universe of an imperishable reference of burlesque comedy: Buster Keaton.


Alex Lutz

Alex Lutz Tom Dingler

With a César for Best Actor and a Molière for humour, Alex Lutz returns to the Escher Theatre with a show faithful to his extravagance. A master of metamorphosis, the humorist has created a new, unusual and delirious one-man show.

Young audiences


Compagnie 3637

The earth is shaking, everything is disintegrating. A child is facing a blank canvas and starts to create a new world with black colour. Dancer and choreographer Bénédicte Mottart invites young and old to join her on this voyage of intimate discovery.

Dance Music

Sin permiso

Ana Morales

Ana Morales transforms the mourning of her father's death into a personal, virtuoso choreography that powerfully expresses the things left unsaid.

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Atelier flamenco

Learn the basics of flamenco with Ana Morales, winner of the Giraldillo Prize for the best dancer at the Sevilla Biennale.

Young audiences


Compagnie Laura Vital

A singer and a clown discover a sleeping dancer and manage to wake her up. From tango to alegria and tanguillo, the young audience discovers the many rhythms of Spanish and Latin American dance.