Jun 2022


Universal Declaration of Human Rights

mala voadora

Who wrote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Human nations, united rights re-enacts the negotiations preceding the composition of the UDHR.


Sofiane Pamart

Sofiane Pamart

Sofiane Pamart's catchy melodies on the piano appeal to rappers as well as classical and pop lovers.


Portes ouvertes de l'Ariston

Notre équipe vous invite aux portes ouvertes de l’ancien cinéma Ariston, reconverti en second lieu du Escher Theater. Découvrez la salle de spectacle, les coulisses, le bar et les nombreux espaces qui réunissent publics et artistes.




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Comme un trio

Groupe Émile Dubois / Cie Jean-Claude Gallotta

Jean-Claude Gallota animates the words of François Sagan's Bonjour Tristesse, a 188-page novel that caused quite a scandal in its time, and which earned her a place among the great writers of the 20th century.

Young audiences

tock tock

Annick Pütz, Piera Jovic MASKéNADA

A dancer takes the audience on a journey to discover all the senses. On a playfully designed stage, she feels the materiality of the objects around her, brings them to life and handles them delicately.

Take part

Dance workshop for parents and children

Choreographer Annick Pütz is giving a workshop for parents and children during which they are given playful guidance on how to start moving purposefully, engaging with rhythm and dance.