The theatre

The project

The Escher Theater stages shows performed by visiting theatrical companies as well as presenting its own productions. Since 2018, it has been headed up by the theatre director Carole Lorang. Each season, it presents some fifty shows from the worlds of theatre, dance and music – or an amalgam of those disciplines –, including not only productions emanating from the European scene but also home-grown works from Luxembourg. The theatre’s location, standing as it does at the crossroads of several countries, underlines its cross-border, multicultural function as the provider of a multi-lingual programme of shows, staged primarily in French and German. Since 2018, one of the key aspects of its project has been its shows aimed at younger audiences, along with shows which affirm – through the use of humour in particular – its mission to question reality.

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Our team

Direction générale et artistique

Lorang Carole

Chef de service / administrateur

Schramer Marc

Programmation Jeunes Publics et médiation scolaire

Schmit Francis


Bauler Ben, Husting Marianne
Quintus Christophe
Stiefer Pascale

Communication et relations publiques

Rollier Lawrence

Accueil des publics

Kugener Marcel, Wampach Sonja
Ferreira Gomes Filipe
Accueil des publics
Piccatti Marc, Santiago Manuela, Welz Nicole
Maurice Yannick, Torres Alexandre Jessica
Bernardy Rita, Tchorowski Norine


Moses Patrick
Fusenig Hans-Josef
Noël Mike, Brandenburger Laurent, Santos César
Hermes Claude
Back Romina, Lerario Carlo, Quiring Daniel
Kohn Laurent, Moes Steven
Battibugli Daniel, Wilmes Ben

The associate Artist

Our likeable, unconventional Associate Artist, the choreographer Simone Mousset, trained in London, where she studied classical and contemporary dance, and has since travelled the world in the pursuit of her career. Mentored by the Belgian choreographer Koen Augustijnen in the context of the first TalentLAB at the Grand Théâtre in Luxembourg in 2016, she drives her projects forward by a daring process of experimentation in which expressions inspired by dance and by theatre blend into a harmonious whole to reveal, through the clarity and freshness of her approach, a pronounced taste for the burlesque and the absurd.

"My work seeks to create alternative realities which question the way in which, as individuals and as a society, we position ourselves in the world of today." (Simone Mousset)

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The history of the theatre

The theatre opened its doors for the first time on 26 May 1962, when the town councillors and Joseph Wampach, the first director of the Théâtre d’Esch, had the pleasure of officially welcoming their Royal Highnesses the Grand-Duchesse Charlotte and the Prince of Luxembourg, together with the Prime Minister, Pierre Werner, for the inauguration of the newly constructed building. Over the years, it welcomed not only theatre-goers from within the Grand Duchy but also visitors from France, Belgium and Germany and elsewhere. As a city standing at the junction of three frontiers, Esch thus consolidated its role as a cross-border, multicultural location, and the theatre's programme went from strength to strength, notably thanks to the dynamic leadership of its second director, Guy Wagner, who oversaw a series of remarkable musical seasons as well as various theatrical productions. Upon taking over in 1992, Philippe Noesen, the third director, focused on dramatic art, increasing the number of productions and co-productions. From March 1996 to February 1997, the theatre closed its doors for an extensive revamp of its auditorium and foyers, involving the installation of reception areas for the public on the ground floor and a general transformation in line with transparency criteria, opening up the building towards the exterior by means of numerous glass doors and windows. Under its fourth director, Charles Muller, the Escher Theater underwent a further renovation, bringing the stage, the dressing rooms and the administration area into conformity with international standards. The theatre director Carole Lorang took over as director of the Escher Theater as from the 2018/19 season.

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