The Assembly

Catherine Elsen, Charlotte Bruneau
13.05.2022 > 15.05.2022

Welcome to The Assembly: a multisensory journey, during which movements are transformed into music. In virtual reality you meet The Memory of Voice, a mystical figure whose body is entirely composed of human sounds. Become part of a multidimensional instrument and sound-dance to dreamy melodies and electronic beats that you create. You are joined by others and together in virtual reality you form The Assembly. Back in the real world you step into an interactive installation, creating a collective chant with other visitors as you wander through a maze of veils. At night, this space becomes a stage and you can be part of an electronic concert-performance.

Friday, 13 May
2pm>6pm : opening of the installation to the public
8pm : performance

Saturday, 14 May
2pm>6pm : opening of the installation to the public
8pm : performance

Sunday, 15 May
4pm : performance
6pm>9pm : opening of the installation to the public

Free entrance. Reservation required to attend the performance.

As part of Esch2022, European Capital of culture. 


  • Duration Indeterminate
  • Language few words
  • Place L’Arche, Pôle culturel de Micheville (FR)


Idée originale
Catherine Elsen, Charlotte Bruneau
Porteur de projet
Pitchblack Collective, avec Pouya Ehsaei, Mad Trix, Laura Mannelli, Gluk Media, Wesley Allsbrook, René Huari Alejandro Mateus, Pierre-Antoine Vettorello, Natacha Crawford, Stefan Palitov
Crédit image
Patrick Galbats


Centre Culturel Régional OpderSchmelz, Dudelange ; Pitchblack Collective
Capitale Européeenne de la culture Kaunas2022 ; Capitale Européeenne de la culture Esch2022 ; Commune de Bettembourg ; Aalt Stadthaus Differdange ; Lithuanian Council for Culture
Avec l'aide de
Ministère de la Culture ; Ville d’Esch-sur-Alzette ; Œuvre National de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte ; Fondation Indépendance BIL
Escher Theater ; L’Arche, Micheville
Le spectacle est présenté dans le cadre et grâce au soutien d’Esch2022.

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