Theatre Festival

After All Sprinville

Miet Warlop
21.05.2022 > 22.05.2022

In Miet Warlops After All Springville a house is standing on stage. The house is a springboard, a trampoline for the imagination. Are we ready for the leap into the unknown? The house is like a body: it swallows up the visitors through its openings and spits them out again. Strange creatures, half human, half thing, circle around the house. These characters can be only who or what they are. Just the audience have an overview. They watch as one individual drama after another unfolds, as inevitably as the banging of fireworks or a shoot-out. Until the house and the landscape take over the stage again. This is poetry in movement and it promises to be both touching and entertaining.

In collaboration with Passages Transfestival-Metz


  • Duration 50 Min.
  • Language Without words
  • Full price Cat. 1 : 12 €
    Cat. 2 : 10 €

  • Young persons Cat. 1 : 6 €
    Cat. 2 : 5 €

  • Children Cat. 1 : 3 €
    Cat. 2 : 2.5 €


Concept et mise en scène
Miet Warlop
Coordination technique
Bennert Vancottem
Hanako Hayakawa, Winston Reynolds, Myriam Alexandra Rosser, Milan Schudel, Wietse Tanghe, Jarne Van Loon


Miet Warlop / Irene Wool vzw.
HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin ; Kunstencentrum BUDA ; Arts Centre Vooruit, Kortrijk ; PerPodium, Belgique ; De Studio, Antwerpen ; Internationales Sommerfestival, Hamburg
Avec le soutien de
The Belgian Tax Shelter
Frans Brood Productions
Le spectacle est présenté au Escher Theater dans le cadre et grâce au soutien d’Esch2022, en collaboration avec Passages Transfestival Metz.