Tigre ! Tigre !

Pierric Tenthorey

With an irresistible phlegm reminiscent of Mr. Bean’s or Buster Keaton’s comicality, Pierric bends over backwards to surprise and bewilder you. Locked in an enigmatic room where the furniture and items come to life, the world magic champion has more than one trick up his sleeve. He surpasses himself to break open both the door’s lock and the audience’s looks. Halfway between burlesque theater and One-Man Magic Show, the goings-on of his escape attempts are no longer under control and trigger hilarity. For his return at Escher Theater, it does look like this full artist, revealed at Avignon’s OFF Festival, is… Raring to go!

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  • Duration 75 min.
  • Public For everyone from 8 years old
  • Language Without words
  • Place Theatre
  • Full price Cat. 1 : 20 €
    Cat 2 : 16 €
  • Young persons Cat. 1 : 9 €
    Cat. 2 : 8 €
  • Children Cat. 1 : 4.50 €
    Cat. 2 : 4 €


De et par Pierric Tenthorey Avec la complicité de Harmonie Armenti, Gaëtan Bloom, Stefania Cazzato, Hervé Jabveneau, Nicolas Mayoraz, Adrien Moretti, Jean-Samuel Racine Lumières Nicolas Mayoraz Scénographie Adrien Moretti Décor et accessoires Hervé Jabveneau Effets magiques Gaëtan Bloom Crédit photo Catherine Cuany


Production Kimaimemesuive ; Compagnie Monsieur Bovary (administration : Laurence Krieger-Gabor)

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