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Plein Soleil

Compagnie Via Verde
25.10.2020 > 28.10.2020

The circle is one of the elementary forms that surround us in our daily lives. From the planets orbiting the sun to a rain drop forming ripples on the water to the symbol of unity: the circle represents perfection and aesthetic indulgence. The Via Verde company takes the spectators on a journey to discover fantasy, music and dance, and appeals to all the senses: puppets turn in loops, bodies draw circles in the space around them, and music and light carry the spectators into a universe of geometric forms and sensuality.



  • Duration 40 min.
  • Public from 3 to 6 years old
  • Language without words
  • Full price 12 €
  • Young persons 6 €
  • Children 3 €


Mise en scène
Pascale Toniazzo
Collaboration artistique
Stéphane Robles
Scénographie et dispositif
Joanie Rancier
Regard chorégraphique
Lucile Guin
Piera Jovic (danse), Carolina Fonseca (tracés et peintures)


Compagnie Via Verde
Accueil en résidence
Le Jardin Parallèle, Reims ; La Minoterie, Dijon ; Centre de la Marionnettes, Tournai
La Compagnie Via Verde est soutenue par la Région Grand Est et la Ville de Thionville