Dance Music Creation


Pascal Schumacher Jean-Guillaume Weis
30.04.2021 > 02.05.2021

A rhythmic to-ing and fro-ing, a respectful granting of priority and withdrawal, a sensitive exercise in emphasizing and submerging. Jean-Guillaume Weis, master of dance, and Pascal Schumacher, master of music, come together to create a harmonic interaction between body and melody. At times the dancers give precedence to the musicians, at times the music withdraws to make room for the choreography. Like two lovers, who individually display their emotions, they eventually come together. Sixty immersive minutes – spontaneous and sensitive.

Another date is scheduled at CAPE Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck on May 12.


  • Duration 60 min.
  • Full price Cat. 1 : 20 €
    Cat. 2 : 16 €
  • Young persons Cat. 1 : 9 €
    Cat. 2 : 8 €


Direction artistique
Pascal Schumacher, Jean-Guillaume Weis
Jean-Guillaume Weis
Composition musicale
Pascal Schumacher
Trixi Weis
Lutz Deppe
Musique sur scène
Sophie Uhrhausen (alto), Anik Schwall (violoncelle), Sylvain Rifflet (clarinettes)
Anna Senognoeva, Elisabeth Schilling, Gijs Pieter Hanegraaf, Youri de Gussem
Joachim Olaya
Crédit image
Patrick Galbats


Escher Theater ; CAPE - Centre des Arts Pluriels Ettelbruck ; Dance Theatre Luxembourg a.s.b.l.
Avec le soutien de
TROIS C-L - Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois ; Danzschoul Wellenstein ; Gemeng Schengen ; SACEM Luxembourg