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Florschütz & Döhnert

Ah, white rabbits! Your just need a hat or a pocket, to see them appear, just by magic. They’re like that, they can’t help it… When you grab one, or rather, when the mischievous animal puts his tender little pawn on us, what should we do? Letting him narrate to us his secret and poetic stories, naturally. With a few handkerchiefs, guitar notes and other knickknacks wielded with a lot of dexterity, duo Florschütz & Döhnert appeals to the imagination of the young and less young audience members. The infinitesimal becomes grandiose, the ordinary becomes unique and the scene becomes a cosmos where everything, absolutely everything, becomes possible.


  • Duration 30 min.
  • Public 2-5 years old
  • Language Without words
  • Place Ariston
  • Full price 12 €
  • Young persons 6 €
  • Children 3 €


Idée, jeu et scénographie Michael Döhnert, Melanie Florschütz Collaboration artistique Joachim Fleischer, Werner Hennrich, Hendrik Mannes Musique Michael Döhnert Costumes Adelheid Wieser Peintre décorateur Wolf Dieckmann Crédit photo Joachim Fleischer


Production Florschütz & Döhnert Coproduction SCHAUBUDE Berlin ; BROTFABRIK Bonn ; Méli’môme – Reims / Festival Reims Scènes d’Europe Soutien financier Berliner Kulturverwaltung soutien TRAFFO_CarréRotondes.

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