Jazz – Live Session Concert

Jitz Jeitz Arthur Possing

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The jazzy stars will align for one night in June, once two Luxembourg jazz quartets hit the floor of Ariston’s bar. Only merely separated by age, Jitz Jeitz’s and Arthur Possing’s paths have crossed many times already – they not only play in Paul Fox’s modern hard bop quintet The Minor Majors, but were also part of the recent Mendy – Das Wusical production at Les Théâtres de la Ville. Now the two jazzmen will meet again with their respective quartets.

Free entrance – Ticket required 

Stage time: 20h00


Upcoming performances open to the public


  • Duration 2h
  • Place Ariston


Arthur Possing Quartet Arthur Possing - piano, Pierre Cocq-Amann - saxophones, Niels Engel - batterie, Sebastian "Schlapbe" Flach - contrebasse et effets Jitz Jeitz Quartet Jitz Jeitz - saxophone ténor, Luca Sales - piano, John Schlammes - contrebasse, Mich Mootz - batterie  

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