Young audiences

Ding Dong, Toktoktok!

Dan Tanson Ensemble Traffik Klassik
28.01.2021 > 30.01.2021

Bartok and Pipp have only one wish: to finally start their fitness workout. . But they keep getting interrupted by the weird noises coming from the other side of the neighbouring wall. They listen carefully. The weird noises are music, captivating music! Slowly they both begin to move to this freshly discovered music. One by one the neighbouring walls collapse, and all begin to dance exuberantly to the wonderful music of … Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Aerobics and classical music blend into a dashing slapstick.


  • Duration 45 min.
  • Public from 3 to 7 years old
  • Language without words
  • Full price 12 €
  • Young persons 6 €
  • Children 3 €


Michel Boulanger, Dan Tanson
Mise en scène
Dan Tanson
Direction musicale et arrangements
Michel Boulanger
Alexandra Lichtenberger
Julie Conrad
Julian Kopietz
Compositions musicales
Stamitz, Gretry, Mozart
Jeu et mouvements
Serena Galante, Pietro Gaudioso
Musique sur scène
Ensemble Traffik Klassik / Michel Boulanger (violoncelle), Manuela Bucher (alto), Lisa Goldberg (basson), Griet Cornelis (hautbois), Dirk Vandaele (violon)
Crédit image
Sébastien Grébille


Philharmonie Luxembourg
En collaboration avec
Musée Dräi Eechelen

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