Centenary Concert

Ensemble à Plectre Municipal Esch/Alzette

The Ensemble à Plectre Municipal d’Esch/Alzette supports the creation of contemporary music with great panache. This concert is the highlight of the celebrations marking the ensemble’s 100 years of existence and follows on from an international composition competition for plucked string orchestra. A first for Luxembourg! The programme honours young artists whose compositions, performed with great virtuosity and expressivity, stretch the limits of the mandolin and the guitar.
The best creations are rewarded by an international jury during the evening.

Upcoming performances open to the public


  • Duration 100 min.
  • Full price Cat. 1 : 20 €
    Cat. 2 : 16 €
  • Young persons Cat. 1 : 9 €
    Cat. 2 : 8 €


Ensemble à Plectre Municipal
En partenariat avec
Ville d’Esch-sur-Alzette ; Ministère de la Culture ; Reka print+ ; Trekel Verlag Hamburg