Nass Makan

As famous custodian of Egyptian artistic legacy, the musical director Ahmed El Maghraby wishes to enshrine his contemporary musical creations in his ancestors’ traditions.  He takes up the words of Sheikh Amin Elkhouly: “The first step in a renewal is to contain and totally assimilate the old”. Nass Makan’s music performance brings together on stage the sound of ancient instruments from the Pharaonic era, flutes, citterns and drums, and the sound of modern, guitar and saxophone. Using techniques, forms and warm sounds of their origins, Gypsy music from the Delta joins hands with Zar songs, taking the audience on an exhilarating show.

Upcoming performances open to the public


  • Duration 2h00
  • Full price Cat. 1 : 25 €
    Cat. 2 : 20 €


Performers Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Abdelghani, Emam Mohamed Emam Abosamara, Fatma Abouelella Mohamed Emara, Amin Ibrahim aly Ibrahim, Fatma Khalil Darwish, Mohamed Shaker Ismail Hafez, Raafat Mostafa Farrag Farag, Nouvel Sabah Abdelaziz Sayed Salama Supports Esch22 ; Esch ASBL ; Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grand-Duchesse Charlotte ; Rocklab ; Bâtiment4 ; opderschmeltz