A mother’s heart

Children keep all our tears

Schauspielkollektiv Neues Schauspiel Lüneburg GogolFest, Centre of Contemporary Arts "DAKH"

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A mother’s heart: children keep all our tears is a performance about the tragedy of mothers whose children are on the front line. The storyline of the performance revolves around a woman’s memories of love, birth, childhood, and the anticipation of what may not happen because of the War. The story combines three time dimensions: past, present, and the possible happy future.
However, there is another side of reality and a key question: “What if he never comes back?”. Realizing the cyclical nature of events and life, the woman is almost ready to accept her reality but allows herself to live in a moment of hope for the last time. The performance is based on personal texts written by Ukrainian mothers to their sons during Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, including letters from women in a bomb shelter in Mariupol and a woman from Lviv whose two sons died on the front line.

The performance is in Ukrainian with English subtitles.

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  • Public Dès 14 ans
  • Langue UK surtitrage EN
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  • Plein tarif Cat. 1 : 20 €
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Production Schauspielkollektiv Neues Schauspiel Lüneburg ; GogolFest ; Centre of Contemporary Arts "DAKH" Soutien Ville d'Esch-sur-Alzette ; L'Ukraine asbl ; UA Days

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