Daddy Issues

Or: Chasing Shakespeare in (b) Minor

Georges Goerens, Anne Simon Pitt Simon, Nora Zrika
17.06.2025 > 21.06.2025

Désolé, ce texte n’existe pas en français.

Shakespeare, time and time again! The English dramatist is a permanent fixture in the canon of world literature – and Daddy Issues attacks this status head-on. Its diagnosis: too white, too masculine, too royalist and (today) wordily elitist. Blending music with drama, looking for ways to come to terms with Shakespeare, theatre’s unabating patriarch, the cast and crew stand up to this behemoth of the stage, hoping eventually to come to terms with him. Gathering in a shut-down movie theatre, they bicker and play and sing their frustrations away, unleashing before the public’s eyes a disinhibited, mercurial universe drawn from Shakespeare’s oeuvre. Things are about to get serious, raucous, critical, and also very loud.

An introduction to the event will take place at 7.15 pm before the second show.


  • Durée 1h15 durée estimée
  • Langue EN
  • Lieu Ariston
  • Plein tarif 20 €
  • Jeunes 9 €


With and by Georges Goerens, Anne Simon, Pitt Simon, Nora Zrika Assistant director Gilles Heinisch Stage and costumes Loriana Casagrande


Production Escher Theater Projet initié dans le cadre des Micro-projets d’Independent Little Lies

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