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Pride and Disappointment

Simone Mousset Lewys Holt
25.06.2021 > 27.06.2021

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What if disappointment was something every nation was aiming for? After Simone Mousset’s 2017 production of the same name, resulting in a ballet documentary about the fictional Ballet National Folklorique du Luxembourg, this new collaboration with Lewys Holt playfully and darkly addresses feelings of pride and disappointment. Influenced by the generally worrying geopolitical evolutions of late, the theatre is transformed into a new country, where there are no storms and where there are all the cows and horses we need.


  • Durée 50 Min.
  • Langue EN
  • Plein tarif 20 €
  • Jeunes 9 €


Concept and performance
Lewys Holt, Simone Mousset
Alberto Ruiz Soler
Costume & set
Lewys Holt, Simone Mousset, Melanie Planchard
Artistic support
Inari Hulkkonen
Dramaturgical support
Thomas Schaupp
Artistic advice
Anne-Mareike Hess


Simone Mousset Projects a.s.b.l. ; Escher Theater
Abbaye de Neumünster

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