Covid-19 measures

In the context of the current pandemic, the Escher Theater is taking all necessary steps to ensure compliance with the health regulations in place. As the health situation changes, these provisions will be modified, and may even be discontinued should an improvement in the circumstances allow it.


Masks must be worn before and after the show. Any movement inside the building requires to wear a mask. You can remove your mask only when sitting on your appointed seat.


In order to access the show, every spectator (6 years and older) will have to present a Covid check certificate, a certificate of recovery, a certified PCR (max 72h) or antigenic (max 48h) test. You will also be able to perform a self-diagnosis test on site, in a dedicated area, provided you arrive one hour before the start of the show.


Online ticket sales will be available again in September, at least two months before each show. For shows later in the calendar, only the online booking form is open. It will allow you to reserve your seats at our box office, which will contact you as soon as possible.


One seat will be left vacant between each booking.